This year with Martha's Vineyard Vegan Society 

Our History Martha's Vineyard Vegan Society is a 501(3)c non profit organization that is dedicated to the promotion, production, education, advocacy, consumption, empowerment, encouragement, and sustainability of Vegan and plant based, living, lifestyles, as well as the benefits to the community health and our environment. Although this is our motto we do not push anyone to become a vegan. We only encourage our participants to eat healthier diets. Established in 2018, we have enjoyed a very unique and important relationship with the residents of Martha’s Vineyard homeless, low income, elderly and vegan curious communities.

Our Model

Vegan outreach program Since October 2018 we have sponsored Numerous community outreach events, distributing fresh fruits and vegetables, while providing a free vegan luncheon or dinner monthly, with recipes and nutritional advice, which introduces the guests to great vegan options they can touch, taste, and share with their families. We hope to add an additional location and date to our program based on need and demand from neighboring residents

Health and wellness program With our Fresh Fruits and vegetables program we have distributed bags full of fresh fruits and vegetables for free within two public Libraries to assist with the ongoing increase in price and unavailability in neighboring stores. In the belief that this will introduce and incorporate these products in their everyday diet and assist low income families to help manage a healthy diet.

Elderly, Recovery and Homebound Program We recently started a home delivery service for elderly and recovering patients in need who can not physically travel to our events to receive assistance. This program is now by referral only from our collaborating visiting nurses. We intend to educate on how each individual can contribute towards a more sustainable environmental by providing a healthy low cost vegan based meal using fresh fruits and vegetables and natural foods. Why are we Unique Our motto "We don't want you to be vegan, we want you to eat vegan. We encourage all of our participants to eat a healthier diet incorporating fresh fruits and veggies into every meal. With each bag and at all events we also provide nutritious snacks and vegan meals, alongside take home recipes, meal planners, nutritional information, and medical research. All of our fruits are Fresh and mostly organic or locally grown. Our Impact We have impacted over 6400 families since October. 2400 took home a bag of fruits and vegetables. 4000 Participants experienced a Vegan Meal. 2320 Participants Weren't Vegan. Over 154000 Followers have visited or joined our Vegan media pages.

Thank you to everyone that's donated to the program. You helped make this possible.

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