The Silver Lining in the Clouds

So much work is ahead for us at M.V.V.S. , and the rain today didn't aid in the situation in any form or fashion. I love the rain ! But it seemed like a ravaging monsoon out of nowhere.(we knew it was gonna rain, just not so soon) So there we are held captive in the car as the rain is pounding relentlessly on the roof and the windshield, my poor child is having a bad reaction to something and we need to get across the parking lot and into the hospital. The rain lets up enough and we make a run for it. We get inside and are greeted and treated by one of the most incredible and hospitable team of medical professionals. MVHospital you guys are always "Awesome Sauce" to the MAX !! Thank you so much !

So after the rain and the horrible storm we are getting back in the car. I look up and see a familiar face. It's one of those faces that you see and it make you smile and appreciate the person your looking at. So low and behold its my brother Gary Hathaway. It's been awhile since we seen each other outside of Social Media. We get a quick sec and chop it up a bit and Bada Bing Bada Boom, We pop him in a MVVS T-shirt and a guess what.....

That's The Silver Lining in the Clouds. Take a moment and appreciate the people around you and the ones that matter to you the most. Connect and Relate, together ya'll can do something great, but don't wait until it's too late.

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