Thank You Well Fed Foundation

This week has been so awesome.

Thanks to the Well Fed Foundation over 100 families took home bags of Fresh Fruits and Veggies from Edgartown and Aquinnah Library and through our home delivery program.

We were also blessed to receive an invitation from Pathway Arts to provide a Great Vegan Gluten free Minestrone soup for their wonderful guest as they celebrated their anniversary. It was an honor to provide our assistance to such a wonderful organization. Please continue to grace the community with such a beautiful and amazing facility. The work you do for the community and the Arts are truly appreciated. Happy Anniversary Friends.

Thank you to our family at Edgartown library this week was great. Some old friends returned this month and as usual we got to meet a lot of new wonderful people that help keep our community strong and beautiful. Thank you for coming out. Thank you Ms. Virginia and Edgartown Library for allowing us to call you home. You were the first Library to allow us to set up our food distribution and with your help since last year we have been able to assist thousands of people. We Sincerely thank you ❤️.

This weekend was our first giveaway at The beautiful Aquinnah Library. It is Such a warm family oriented environment. You sincerely feel the love when you enter the door. Thank you for your warm and sincere welcome. The way you and the community welcomed and appreciated our visit was truly awesome. Thank you Rosa and Julia for inviting us. And being such unbelievable host. We are excited about our return soon. Thank you beautiful ladies ❤️ for everything.

We would also like to thank our friends from MAD HIPPIE and PLANTFUSION for your Donations. The guest were all happy to receive all of your great products. Thank you

We thank everyone for the Donations that help make this possible. All donations are appreciated and goes to helping a lot of wonderful people. Please continue to donate.

Every $1 brings Fresh Fruits and Vegetables to another table. Thank you ❤️

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