Event Cancellation: We're so sorry we had to disappoint you. 

Everyone it saddens us to have had to cancel our last free Dinner. As you all well know we have been functioning from donations for the past .The president, vice president and financial officer have been providing most of the funds needed to maintain all of our programs while we apply for grants and sponsorship.

We felt it best with the holidays quickly approaching that we focus on our Outreach Programs, which provides for over 300 people monthly. Our Fresh Fruits and Vegetables program from Martha's Vineyard Public Libraries provides participants with full bags of seasonal fruits and vegetables. With giving the community access to healthy and natural foods we also provide education on how dietary changes can create for better food systems and agricultural practices.

With our health and wellness Delivery program we deliver bags of Fresh and Vegetables to homebound clients by referral ; MV Visiting nurses program, MV Hospital Nutritional Program. Special packages are made based on individual health plans and needs.

We recently started a new giveaway at the up island Counsel of Aging which was requested based on need and lack of transportation in the area. 60% of the population we serve are elderly, the remaining are Low income, homeless, people who suffer from health issues or vegan curious.

Please Donate today to help us feed others. Fresh fruits and vegetables are expensive. 59% of the United tates buy canned and frozen goods due to cost and availability although many of these lack the nutritional value we need daily. With your Assistance we can continue to provide these services and others we hope to implement within the next few months.

Please Donate today. Every Dollar Counts.

Payments can be made by Cash, Check or Money Order payable to Martha's Vineyard Vegan Society, or on PayPal, Facebook, Cash App, or Venmo if necessary. Please find link for payment on this website. I can be reached at 508-560-1562 for any further questions,

Thank again.

Please find us @:



Martha's Vineyard Vegan Society group/ Page

Instagram @Mvvegansoc,

Twitter @Mvvegansoc

or email us at


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