Free Delivery

Martha's Vineyard Vegan Society is dedicated to providing high quality food delivery services to the Martha's Vineyard area. We take pride in the work within Our Community and want everyone to be Safe and Healthy. We feel the Service we provide to our clients is Essential to fight Food Insecurity and Critical to providing Immunity Boosting Foods to Assist in the fight against Covid-19.

 The Program is Intended for Everyone. Whether Vegan, Food Insecure, Homebound, Elderly, Homeless, Quarantining, Hardships, Vegan Curious, or Unable to Shop, we are here to provide Fresh Fruits And Vegetables delivered to you !


We want to thank you in advance for taking part in our service, yet we want to remind you that we are a small non profit in need of funding. We have hopes of growing larger to service Our Community. So we humbly encourage Donating in order to provide for future services.

Please leave your information 


Phone Number, 


Family Size

and Dietary Restrictions. 

This is so that we may contact you for delivery 

Thank you, 

Patrece Petersen